We are dedicated in providing the best Christian programs and
commercial television throughout our local and global communities. J.U.M.P Global Network is a sub-channel affiliate of The Super Channel
WACX-Orlando, which is one of the most powerful TV broadcast stations in Florida with close to 10 million
viewers, which includes the Jacksonville area. J.U.M.P. Global Network airs 24/7 on the digital broadcast sub-channel 55.10 in Orlando, and throughout Central Florida. JGNTV can also be found on over the air on channel 32.3 in Gainesville, Florida and also 19.3 in Tampa, FL. JGNTV operates 24 hours a day seven days a week.
JGNTV is available and accessible to an estimated 4.5 million plus viewers throughout Florida with Digital Channel
access. All programs broadcasting on JGNTV 55.10 are solely operated and managed by J.U.M.P. Global Network. These programs also stream live here on our website and also on every major streaming platform. (More on these streaming platforms below.)

Our mission is to broadcast messages that will inspire, empower, bring hope, healing, deliverance, and restoration into every soul that comes across JGNTV.  We are a family faith-based broadcast network and our vision is to share God’s True and Living Word and take back the power and authority of the airwaves!  We are excited to share the many phenomenal and creative works of the Kingdom of God to the world! You can expect to encounter amazing sound-word of God from powerful speakers worldwide as well as explore the ever growing generation of world changers through their God given gifts of creative arts, music, dance, fashion, and so much more!


Now Available Everywhere

Just search for, "JGNTV"


Our broadcasts are accessible and available on every major streaming platform; Amazon's FIRE TV via Fire Stick, ROKU, APPLE TV, ANDROID TV, as well iOS and Android apps.
As of the beginning of 2019. Amazon's FIRE TV has surpassed 30 million active users, making it one of the most popular devices in the U.S.
As of the end of 2019 ROKU alone boasted a distribution of over 41 million devices actively in use world-wide.
With Google's combined Android TV and Chromecast platforms, they have over 20 million devices in circulation.
As of 2019 Apple TV is also gaining a bit more market share with 13 million devices sold.


What is Antenna Digital Channel?

Throughout Central Florida, 20% of the population and counting have begun to transition into using Antenna Digital TV as an alternative to Cable television. Many have selected digital antenna as an alternative means to view television along with internet services for live streaming. This is now seen as a better option as it significantly cuts down cost and savings for many households. Digital Channels or Digital Television.
(DTV) is the transmission of television signals, including sound channel, using digital encoding, rather than using analog signals. It is an innovation advancement that represents the first significant evolution in television technology since color TV. Digital TV transmits in a new image called HDTV (high definition television) and provides greater resolution than analog TV. (www.wikipedia.org)

JGNTV, is a subchannel affiliate of Superchannel 55 WACX Orlando-Network, which is the most powerful TV broadcast station in Florida.

The subchannel affiliates of Superchannel WACX includes:
Channel 55.1 - SuperChannel WACX TV
Channel 55.2 - Aliento Vision
Channel 55.3 - GEB America
Channel 55.4 - SonLife Broadcasting
Channel 55.5 - Vida Vision
Channel 55.6 - BVOV Network
Channel 55.7 - SuperChannel-Orlando
Channel 55.8 - CBN NEWS Network
Channel 55.9 - GodTV Network
Channel 55.10 - J.U.M.P. Global Network
Channel 55-11 - QVC2 Network
* All programs broadcasted on JGNTV 55.10 is solely operated and managed by J.U.M.P. Global Network.


How to receive Antenna Digital Channel?

Using your remote, direct your TV to "Rescan" off-air channels and you should get these digital channels from WACX-TV. You can have satellite or cable and be able to view off-air channels using your "input" button on your TV controls via a home antenna.

For more information, please feel free to visit the FCC help guideline, or contact us at productions@jgntv.org
To run a channel scan, find the "set-up" or "menu" button on your remote control, then select the option that allows you to search for available digital broadcast channels. Once the scan is complete, you should be receiving all available digital channels in your area. In many cases, this is all you need to do to watch DTV broadcasts. You should rescan periodically to check whether additional digital channels have become available.
If you have any difficulty completing the channel scan, consult the owner's manual of your digital-to-analog converter box or DTV for detailed instructions.